"I had the good fortune of being referred to Sherene by an acquaintance of mine and I don't just say that because she won my case. Sherene made me feel like I was the most important client she had, even though I'm sure she had many other cases going on at the same time. I never felt rushed with her or like she was overloaded with casework as I have with other attorneys. Sherene made a lasting impression on me in that I felt as if I were family and she was fighting her hardest for me and I look forward to having her represent me in future matters."

Kate C.

"Sherene Pavone is by far a "powerhouse" attorney. Her knowledge, expertise, compassion, and ability to fight for you speaks volumes. Sherene has been my attorney for a few years now and my case by far has been above and beyond difficult. Sherene has worked with me through the toughest challenges. She has proven time and time again that her professionalism and experience when it comes to difficult and narcissistic people doesn't scare her or make her back down. She will fight and make sure justice is served. I highly recommend her to anyone who has a difficult situation or isn't sure how to go about getting the proper legal counseling they need. She is an amazing attorney (with a heart)."

Christina S.-C.

"Having Sherene represent, advocate, and navigate for me through the Family Court System has been the best decision I have made since my divorce. She is an amazing attorney, as well as a kind, sincere, and compassionate human being... a first rate negotiator... smart, savvy and tough as nails! No matter how difficult the circumstances, I feel empowered just knowing she's on my side!"

Sandy C.

"Sherene was a life saver for me. I used her as our mediator in my divorce and she was fantastic. I would highly recommend her to anyone who doesn't want to go to court. My case was very difficult and she handled it with grace and was very fair! Her conflict resolution skills are amazing and I'm so thankful that I used her. Thanks again, Sherene!"

Alexandra G.

"Although Sherene represented me many years ago, I have never forgotten her warmth, compassionate understanding and knowledge. I am referring and recommending Sharene to a friend. I trust her implicitly and without reservation."

Patrick F.

"If you are looking for a knowledgeable, well respected, effective and organized lawyer, Sherene is that person for you. I have been extremely happy with her services as she guided me through some of the most difficult times in my life.Her fund of knowledge, interpersonal skills and focused navigation through myriad of complicated issues are outstanding. I am so thankful to a friend who recommended Sherene to me. I hope I will never need another lawyer in the future but if I do, Sherene will always be the one I will be coming back to."

Jana S.

"Very happy with the service of the Pavone Law office. The secretary is professional and alway listened to the reason for my call. Sherene was kind, knowledgeable, supportive, and patient. All of my concerns may not have gone my way but no one wins in a divorce. I felt that Sherene took positions that were winnable based on her knowledge of the law and her experience. She seems to be respected by her peers and I admired that about her. I feel that I would not have gotten back on my feet as soundly if it weren't for the guidance and support Sherene gave me. She truly enjoys helping people who are facing one of the most terrible times in their life."

LeighAnne M.

"If anyone is in need of an amazing attorney, contact Sherene! I have been fighting in and out of court for the last 4 years and felt like I was getting nowhere until I met Sherene. I was blown away with how she picked apart the case and I’m still in shock that she was able to get exactly what I wanted!"

Jeff S.

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